Welcome to King Han Inc. 

We specialize in manufacturing Custom Cable Assemblies for OEMs. We are your premier contract manufacturing resource if you are seeking quality custom wire harnesses, coaxial cable assemblies, molded cable assemblies, flat ribbon cables, coaxial and shielded cables, circuit board assemblies or high-current power conductors 
for commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications. 

Let us help you learn what to look for in designing, specifying, and purchasing your wire harnesses and custom cable assemblies manufactured to your specifications.

Our goal is to offer you a complete single source for all your wire harness and custom cable assembly manufacturing. We provide a complete range of specialty products and cable assemblies, from highly customized wire harnesses to molded cable assemblies for commercial, industrial, military, and aerospace applications.

Thank you for considering King Han Inc. for your Wire Harness Manufacturing and Custom Cable Assembly requirements. We look forward to working with you!